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An introduction to our Framework

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The Framework

  • The Framework is made up three key processes; Lead Generation, Lead to Sale and After Sale
  • It is a means to structure and prioritise you use of Digital, saving you time and money
  • The focus is on how to use Digital for business growth as part of your business strategy
  • It is a result of working with and managing Digital for over 15 years. Our methods and tools have been experienced by hundreds of companies
  • Listen to the video and see for yourself how it all fits together

Digital Scorecard is based on how people buy today. You can use it to see how your business can help them buy more from your business. 

How we help

Not always as simple as this but you get the idea


We enable consultants to help their clients with Digital

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See how your business can do more with Digital

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Learn how you can help your members work better with Digital

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The Founder of Digital Scorecard

Digital Expert

Edward Nugent | Digital Scorecard | Dublin

Edward is an expert in Digital with over 20 years experience.

Following work in academia, Edward has worked in corporate life for over 5 years before moving to innovative start-ups and for close to 20 years running his own businesses. One of the early Google Adwords customers, he has worked with using Digital for marketing and sales for many years including using social platforms. With that in mind he has developed Digital Scorecard, as a means to transform a business using Digital tools for business growth.

Edward is based in Ireland but spends a lot of time in Scandinavia with partner consultants and rolling out the programme there. Edward is also active in the marketing technology arena (MarTech) and is working on a new way to help companies select SaaS for business growth.

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