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Helping your Members or Regions with Digital for business growth

How you can help businesses in your remit make the most of Digital.

How we can help

  • Proven working programme, no risk
  • Works for all types and sizes of businesses
  • We can adapt our programme to suit your organisation
  • The programme has been used by hundreds of businesses
  • Demonstrates your Organisation is playing an active part in helping businesses
  • Be a part of the future, Digital

Listen to an excerpt from the successful programme we are running in Sweden. Consider how your organisation can use this or a similar programme to help businesses in your area.

This programme has been rolled out in partnership with Kunskapspartner, Lund, via the ALMI network. Financed by The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket) and Region Skåne.

How it works

The programme is adapted to suit each organisation and the programme goals. We have run the programme both in physical events and digitally as well as a combination.

Digital Scorecard

An online test to find out where companies are today. It kicks off their interest and engagement using the Framework for Digital strategy.


We run seminars to build understanding and contextualise Digital for a large group of companies.


We lead workshops with 5 – 10 companies where they work on their own businesses.


We run an Alumni group of companies that continue to discuss as a group that we facilitate after the programme with a focus on implementation with support from us and also from ALUMNI members.

The Founder of Digital Scorecard

Helping Businesses Make the Most of Digital

Edward Nugent | Digital Scorecard | Dublin

An expert in Digital with over 20 years experience.

Edward personally leads the programme from the initial design to the training with the consultant team and partner. He will discuss your specific needs as an organisation and how we can design the programme to support businesses within your remit. He can also showcase the programme being run in Sweden with consultant partners, Kunskapspartner in Lund.

Contact Edward to discuss how your organisation can use this programme