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Our programme has been successfully tried and tested by businesses of all sizes. We have also enabled consultants to use our tools and frameworks. From our experience how to work with Digital can be learned and is more valuable when done so by an experienced consultant. If any of the below are valid for you get in touch:

  • Your clients ask you about their Digital needs
  • You don’t want to be left behind by Digital
  • You would like to know more about Digital
  • You are not quite sure if Digital is for you but you would like to find out

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An Overview

Discover what Digital Scorecard is all about by taking this tour.

About the Founder, Edward Nugent

Edward is an expert in Digital with over 20 years experience.

After leaving a tenured position in academia, Edward has worked in corporate life for over five years before moving to innovative start-ups and for close to 20 years running his own businesses. One of the early Google Adwords customers, he has worked with Digital for marketing and sales for many years including various social platforms. With that in mind he has developed Digital Scorecard, as a means to transform a business using Digital tools for business growth.

Edward is based in Ireland but spends a lot of time in Scandinavia with partner consultants and rolling out the programme there. Edward is also active in the marketing technology arena (MarTech) and is working on a new way to help companies select SaaS for business growth. He is also a board advisor and active in Digital advertising and monitoring.

So how can we help

We can support you on your Digital journey. We help you map where you want to be in the future and we have the solutions to get you there:

  • GETTING STARTED – Ideal if you are just getting started or want a grounding in Digital
  • BOOST SALES – Help boost sales by aligning your Digital footprint with how your customers buy
  • GUIDANCE ALONG THE WAY – Hands on support to implement your Digital strategy, based on years of real world experience
  • A DIGITAL AUDIT – Get an impartial review of your business and how to leverage the use of Digital for business growth
  • SOMETHING ELSE – Let us know if there is something you have in mind where we may be able to help

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A Better Buyer of Digital

Understanding how to buy Digital services will save time and money and give a better result.

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